Bercovitz Design Architects

Bercovitz Design Architects is an award-winning full-service architectural design firm in Durango, Colorado (WEBCAM DOWNTOWN DURANGO), creating energy-efficient, green and passive solar custom home designs, renovations and additions, and pre-designed home plans. Bercovitz Design has been one of the top architectural firms in Colorado for more than 30 years, having completed hundreds of projects in Telluride, Mountain Village, and San Miguel County as well as other parts of the United States. Our firm is client-focused and dedicated to providing the best design work possible whether a project is small or very large. All design jobs utilize the many years of Ron's experience, along with other quality, trained, experienced professionals and cutting edge technology. Bercovitz Design has been named as one of the "Top 100 Mountain Architects" by Mountain Living magazine for several years, and has been featured in numerous publications.

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Office Locations

Bercovitz Design maintains offices in Telluride and Durango, Colorado. Projects in other regions will be considered; please write to Ron at INFO@BERCOVITZDESIGN.COM.


Bercovitz Design actively seeks opportunities to integrate green building techniques in our projects. We routinely integrate passive solar, solar-oriented home siting, structural and thermal efficiency, and materials that are less environmentally demanding – as we have been doing long before "green building" became a buzzword. Employees have extensive experience in residential and commercial green design and building, along with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED accreditation.

Ron Bercovitz, AIA, Principal

Principal Ron Bercovitz has been a pioneer of the “Mountain Cottage” and “Parkitecture” styles, as well as the regional “Mining” style. Ron’s practice is design-intensive, always utilizing the best in computer-based 3-D tools, but also incorporating hand-drawing and cardboard model crafting. He has received multiple design awards for completed projects in a variety of styles. Ron received his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Wisconsin with an emphasis on “energy conscious design” during the previous wave of solar consciousness. He received a bachelor’s degree from Earlham College in art and mathematics. Ron is an avid road and mountain biker, hiker, and triathelete, loving Colorado for both summer and winter sports, as well as its undeniably fantastic beauty. 

Ron Bercovitz, AIA on site in Telluride, Colorado